Top 5 Web Design Trends in 2021

2021 is going to be another important year for
web designing since the outbreak has forced

lots of business to have online presence
so in this video we are going to talk

about five web design trends that going to play
important role in this year let’s check it out

the emotional design concept was introduced by
Donald Norman in 2004 but it’s been trending

recently web design is not going to be about only
stylish anymore but also have to make an impact on

users emotional design focuses on delivering clear
message to make users emotionally engaged it can

be positive like happiness elegance or humorous
or negative stuff such as sadness and sympathy

there’s no set rules so any visual element on
the webpage can be utilized to achieve the result

for example you can use red color theme to create
excitement or yellow for happiness a good content

to provoke the thought a stunning 3d visualization
or video background to create memorable experience

or sentimental images for sympathy
ultimately the main goal of the

design is to create emotional impact that
benefits your website objective the most

since 2018 webxr is the latest virtual reality
api that replaced webvr now developer can

create a website to target both VR and AR
on all devices with a single code release

and it requires minimal changes for code minions
and now the VR adoption rate is going strong

with one fifth of American population in 2020
so in 2021 we can expect to see more and more

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design and utilize virtual reality to visualize
their products or experiences for users

with the release of the latest macOS big
sur which features refresh colorful design

it’s almost certain that this is going to
influence and inspire 2021 web design theme

big sur also features a neumorphic style
icon which is focused on simulating the

light and shadow effect on the icon texture
now we can expect to see more colorful theme

gradient focused design and neumorphic
user interfaces on new website this year

few years ago 1080p resolution is pretty much a
standard resolution but now the 2k and 4k monitors

are getting cheaper and more affordable if your
site are resolution dependable then it might not

look so great on high resolution monitors so in
2021 and so on web designers are trying to use

vector graphics and css instead of rasterized
asset and as for those that are invertible such as

images or video background then they have to make
sure that they are sufficient for 4k resolution

also using responsive layout is a must to make
sure the website looks great on all devices

3d and webGL has been a trend for past few
years but now with more powerful cpu and

gpu being released especially the new apple
ship m1 web designers are now encouraged to

utilize 3d engine on their website even more
some of the 3d scene that used to be structure

are now running at 60 frames per second
with the latest generation of laptop and

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pc and with the combination of awesome webgl
javascript library like three.s and pixie.js

it’s no surprise that we are going to see more
and more 3d web design in 2021 and let’s offer

the top 5 web design trends in 2021 if you want to
see more web development tips and tutorials don’t

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