i’m sick of boring websites i’m sick of saying
the same thing again and again and so in this

video i’m gonna show you five new cool original
things and websites that i saw in july so that

you can implement some new and creative ideas
in the website you design let’s rock and roll

hey designer friends what is up my name is ron
sago welcome back to flux where we talk about

web design design and freelancing and today
let’s cover the most coolest website that i’ve

seen in july let’s dive right into it i want
to start off from this page in lemonade which

every year they’re doing this kind of give back
they’re giving money to the community and all

kinds of causes and of course they want to do a
pr and talk about it in this website they took

something very very simple the very simple idea of
kaleidoscope now they’re talking about different

topics so here for example they’ve planted trees
so all they did is they took an illustration of

a tree you know with their brand color which is
basically black white and this magenta and they

turned it into a kaleidoscope now they’re talking
about animals so they took an animal pattern and

made a kaleidoscope out of it so they’re talking
about different they took a very very simple

concept the kaleidoscope and taken an illustrator
illustration with their brand colors but it just

takes it creates very very unique visuals and
again we’re seeing website that looks again and

again the same and this is just like creating
a fresh visual here very very simple idea

very very cool interaction so simple yet
the result is so unique and beautiful

i love this also happy that they’re
giving money to the community of course

but this is pretty cool all right next website
that i want to show you and i’m going to

reload this is from this startup i guess
company called zoox which is basically like an

autonomous car um that you can just like i guess
like uber but without a driver so it drives itself

and it’s pretty cool and basically they want to
show you i don’t know if this is already active

but basically they want to show you how this
thing works right fully autonomous so so far

nothing really new but very well done are directed
you know videos you you scroll through this you

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feel like you are the camera you know scrolling
at the top of this vehicle but what i really like

about this website is how it all comes together
like the product design here this the way that

they design this car look it’s like a rectangular
with you know round corners and look at the type

the type looks exactly like the vehicle and the
buttons look exactly like the vehicles in the menu

everything the shape this shape of the vehicle
returns it kind of comes back again and again in

everything in this website and this design element
is kind of like repeating itself again and again

right note this round corners here and here
and so i really love this i really like how

a design element is very very cohesive throughout
the website the design language the brand i really

think this is a really great example of course
i’m also a sucker for all of these new crazy

gradient where it’s not just like you know uh
directional gradient it’s just a combination of

cool colors and they’re changing here i really
like this so i thought it all comes together

very nicely on this website you know video
production 3d rendering the scroll interaction but

all of the design choices like color typefaces i
love this i think they’ve done a fantastic work on

this next website that i want to show you
again a sucker for gradient background but

this is for sand land it’s basically
i think like sleeping peels but what

i like about this again pretty simple website
it’s pretty solid like solid font solid layout

and uh here you can see there are different pills
but what i like about this this check this out

see the interaction in the background fall asleep
and look at the feeling of this interaction

it’s actually look like a a breathing like
somebody breathing like imagine you’re sleeping

it’s like the breathing it’s like the stomach
going up and down or your chest coming up and

down and it kind of repeats itself and i think
this is so subtle right it’s in the background but

it’s very very clean but just with this very nice
interaction check out this easy in the background

this website is designed to calm you down and put
you in the mood of sleeping and i like how they’ve

while keeping the website so minimal we’re able
to convince convey this feeling of sleepiness

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and drowsiness with something as simple as this
background looping animation so congrats for that

i really like about that i really i usually feel
like people use interactions to just make things

cool and stuff like that but to use it that way
very very subtly to tell the story and convey

the feeling that they want with this website
i think this is a fantastic touch and i really

really love this all right next website that i
want to show you is this one sometimes always

basically it’s kind of like a wine magazine or
e-commerce they’re making wine recommendations

and this is wild i think they took you look at
this you’re immediately like in the 70s mood check

out the color palette check out the fonts here
check out all of the layouts the mixing of all

of these different fonts and you know when you’re
talking about something as premium as perhaps wine

or something like this you see all these colors
that you know they’re kind of weird and quirky

and not always they they don’t necessarily look
premium and this actually i feel like look look

at the art direction here they went completely in
for this 70s look um yeah really into the 70s look

this looks like an you know like a magazine
from the 70s or something like this like a music

magazine from the 70s and i think this is actually
pretty brave and and and and fresh right usually

we would see this very clean and premium-y look
but this is pretty wild this is pretty fun this is

look at how they’ve illustrated the wine profile
this doesn’t look like a normal e-commerce

especially not wine e-commerce website so
i really congratulate them on check out

check out the wild callers here i mean and it all
just works all of this it’s a very very 70s color

palette and and i love this so i want to show you
how very very focused art direction saying we’re

going to go with a funky 70s music kind of vibe
to our website can really pull together and convey

you know the whole story of your brand and website
and they’re they’re doing a lot of things that

otherwise i might say they are a mistake the color
combination the the font combination but it just

works and i love this all right the last website i
want to show you is actually not just because it’s

amazing website but i just think it’s really
really funny so this is dead startup toys um it’s

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basically toy versions of a lot of big startups
that failed and i don’t know if this is funny

for you but i follow all of these big innovative
companies that trying to do cool projects they

raised a bunch of money and then they end up
failing like this one which was supposed to be

a cooler and a speaker and a blender they
raised 14 million it didn’t work um this is

this is actually a pretty sad story theranos it
was a company you know raised uh 700 million it

was up by blood testing ended up being like a
fraud um all these this there was this juicer

that raised 120 million to make like the fancy
juice you ended up being able to just squeeze

the juice in your hand all of these stories of
these companies they try to change the world

end up being a failure and now you can actually
buy a toy just to make fun of them and and this

this website is also check this out it’s kind of
like this uh roman greek architecture i’m not sure

if this is roman or greek architecture but kind
of like with the angels with the startup angels

laughing here in the background i just think this
is so funny and this is actually um this there’s

this i don’t know if this is a studio called
mischief they’re just doing drops of random

different projects and i think this is actually
pretty cool um great way for a company to you know

say oh we’re doing cool projects once a month or
something like this each project potentially can

go viral and that’s a great way to market
yourself all right these are the things

that caught my attention this month if you have
seen anything really interesting this month let

me know in the comments below also if you want
to learn how to build some of these cool things

or effects with webflow let us know of course you
know we have courses teaching you web design and

webflow and they’re actually opening up
soon so you might want to check them out

below this video otherwise we’ll
see you in the next video peace out


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